Helbeto based in Turkey and active in Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. Company has been established in 2005 as a solution provider for chemical distribution market and over the years , it started to serve with the same approach in the Metallurgy and Food sector. In 2011, Tashkent Office established and Helbeto has been started to act one of the main Chemical supplier in Central Asia and Russia...


Product Groups


General Chemicals

In the General Chemicals category, we meet basic chemical needs of industries that address different areas of production and service.


Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Our portfolio of raw materials addresses the needs of producers of human medicine, veterinary drug, biocidal product, dialysis solution, natural food supplements, feed supplements and premix products, and dermocosmetic products, and contains all quality documents that our customers demand like GMP, ISO, Halal, Kosher, Non-GMO and Allergen certificates.


Textile Chemicals

With our raw materials and finished products for the sectors of fibers, fabric, knitting, thread & fabric dyeing and denim, we have a rich portfolio of products to be used in all phases through which cotton passes when turning into the textile.


Food Additives

Our products address a quite rich portfolio of food producers in such sectors as meat, milk, beverage, biscuits, chocolate, candy, bakery products, spice & prepared food, frozen food, oil, and canned food.


Detergent Chemicals

In the category of raw materials for the production of domestic and industrial cleaning and auto care products, we provide innovative solutions to our customers with our rich portfolio of products, our expert team, our R&D and quality control laboratories suitable for new product technologies...


Cosmetic Chemicals

In the category of raw materials for the products of personal care and hygiene, coloured cosmetics, dermocosmetics, skin and hair care, we are working with the best brands of the world for our products to be primarily safe and healthy,


Construction Chemicals

With our products and services that address the raw material needs of producers of concrete, plaster, cement, paint, ceramic, glass and insulating materials, we are also growing in the category of construction chemicals in parallel with the increasing speed of urban transformation.